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Acting craft 101

This course is only available at the Gauteng campuses

Before you learn to run, you’ve got to learn to walk, right? Whether you are brand new to the industry or looking to get back to basics, our six month, twice weekly Acting Craft 101 course is designed to provide actors with the essential tools to sharpen their craft. Our classes explore the building blocks of acting, from learning about the industry to finding your emotional truth within a scene, through a mixture of lecture-based classes and exercises that allow you to put your learning into practice. You will learn the essential skills every actor needs to have in their toolkit, encompassing a range of aspects including acting techniques, acting for camera, voice, movement, text analysis and rehearsal practice.This course will give you a solid grounding, develop your acting skills and expand your experience.

Duration: The course will be completed over 6 months.
When: Refer to the schedule for starting date and times

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