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3D Fundamentals in MAYA

This course is available at all campuses

At Oakfields College we believe in introducing our students to cutting-edge technology, so this is a unique opportunity for all animation professionals and enthusiasts to learn the award-winning software Autodesk Maya.
Maya is the leading 3D program for animation worldwide.

In this 12-week course you’ll create your own models and scenes while learning the basic animation skills in this immersive 3D program. Go from dreaming to creating!

Course content includes:
- Navigate the Maya interface
- Create and manipulate 3D objects
- Construct and apply basic shapes, material and textures to polygon objects
- Create and organise projects in Maya
- Animate basic objects and rig in Maya

This course includes class projects that will enable you to build a personal portfolio to show prospective employers or clients.

Admission Requirements: Computer literate
Duration: 12 weeks x 4 hours per week.
When: Refer to the part-time schedule for starting date and times

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