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Event Management

This course is available at all campuses

Well-organised individuals, gifted with the ability to make various elements work together for the benefit of a specific event, are a vital component to any successful business. In this 10-week course of three hours per week you’ll learn the skills that top event managers use to ensure the success of their organisation’s most important events. Our expert lecturers - who all work in the event industry - will take you through the dynamics of working with a diverse group of people and suppliers to ensure it all comes together in one memorable event.

You’ll learn about the planning, design, execution and management of an event; how to implement a promotional strategy for an event; and how to lead and motivate your team effectively. And you’ll also be given an opportunity to test your skills in a real event scenario.

Duration: 10 weeks x 3 hours per week
When: Refer to the part-time schedule for starting date and times

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