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Sound Engineering

In the two-year sound engineering course, you will learn how to edit, mix and master. Your practical projects include the recording of advertisements, band recordings and film audio (Foley). At the end of the course you will be fully equipped to either work in or set-up your own sound studio or you may choose a career in live sound.

In your second year you will record a full battle of the bands event at the end of the year.

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At Oakfields College, you will study under seasoned instructors with industry experience who know what it takes to succeed.

Our on-campus recording studios ensure that you gain lots of experience and become comfortable with the environment. There is also a full-time sound engineer on campus to help you with any questions, studio bookings and to give advice on anything you are working on.

During your two years studying sound engineering at Oakfields College, you will be taught on multi-platform software such as Adobe Premier, Cubase and ProTools.

The diverse range of subjects included in this course gives you the ability and skills in many different aspects of sound engineering, enabling you to pursue and specialise in the area where your personal passions lie.

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