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May 13, 2021
Media Arts

Are you passionate about gaming and animation? Take a look at what our game design module includes.

If animation is your passion, then this course is for you!


Game playing is an onward learning curve of trial and error, incentives, reward, punishment, obstacles and repetition. Great game design (a module in our animation course) captures the target audience (players) by retaining their interest and attention in a miniature world;  in many ways corresponding to the world we live in. The look and feel features are of utmost importance, thereby compelling game designers to develop a profound understanding of human psychology and culture, as well as sub cultures. Well- designed games would be easy to learn but hard to master, thus compelling the player to always comeback for more.


A game consists of a complex network of commands as well as an algorithmic analysis of programming languages, converting it back to the Boolean system enabling the computer to  function in Machine Code Language. Phew!!

Now you’re thinking you need to be a computer geek and an artist at the same time to create a game? Good News! This introductory module consists of Blue Prints Visual Scripting, so no programming languages are required.


In 2018, the global gaming market value rose to $134.9 billion (James Batchelor,2018). Need I say more…


The introduction to game design module at Oakfields College is designed to take an animation student through the basics of game design. In this module, you will create:

·   An architectural visualisation walk-through in a game engine for the use of a game level or this can be used anywhere in the architectural sector whether it be interior or exterior design.

·   Landscape sculpting and terrain design with weight painting and blending.

·   The Blueprints Visual Scripting system in Unreal Engine which will assist you to create specific game play elements from within Unreal Editor.

·   A game level with AI (artificial intelligence) which is used to generate responsive, adaptive or intelligent behaviours primarily in non-player characters (NPCs) that are similar to human-like intelligence, characters, enemies, goals, health, etc.. Lots of fun! :)





See you in the next level……….don’t be late!

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