Short Programme Certficate


This course is available at all campuses

During this course, you will cover the following:

Fundamentals of Graphic Design
You will learn the technical literacy and concepts of graphic design. You will also be exposed to conceptulising original and visually stimulating designs.

Adobe Photoshop
You will gain indepth knowledge to effectively explore and create images and designs to captivate your target audience.

Adobe Illustrator
Within the duration of this module you will be able to transfer your concepts into creative design elements used for print and online.

Adobe InDesign
Upon completion of this module of the course you will be able to use the functions available in order to streamline the design process of single and multi-page documents right through to creating print-ready files.

This course includes class projects that will enable you to build a personal portfolio to show prospective employers or clients.

Duration: 12 weeks x 3 hours per week
When: Refer to the part-time schedule for starting date and times

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