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Short Programme CertIficate


This course is available at all campuses

If you see the world as your visual canvas, let us empower you to bring your creations to life.
The fundamentals of graphic design will be covered in this 12-week course of three hours per week, exposing you to this exciting and intensely creative industry.
We’ll take you through the technical literacy and concepts of graphic design, and begin you in the process of conceptualising your own original and visually stimulating designs.

You’ll hone your skills on software programmes such as Adobe Photoshop where you’ll explore and create images; Adobe Illustrator where you’ll transfer your concepts into creative design elements used for print and online; and Adobe InDesign where you’ll streamline the design process of single- and multi-page documents right through to creating print ready files.

Throughout the course you’ll also be actively involved with class projects that will help you build a personal portfolio, ready to show prospective employers or clients.

Duration: 12 Classes x 3 Hours = 36 Hours
When: Refer to the schedule for starting date and times

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