Film, TV and Video Production

This course is available at all campuses

During this course your projects include making music videos, documentaries, advertisements and a short film.

You will also have the opportunity to film the annual fashion show, Oakfest (music festival) and even the drama productions; all of these adding to your show reel that you may show to prospective employers.

Would you like to communicate dramatic information, ideas, moods and feelings through the making and producing of films and videos? At Oakfields College, we will help you unlock your inner Spielberg by giving you individual attention and exposure to all the different aspects of film-making, focusing on ‘out-of-the-box thinking’.

Our film, television and video production programme offers you an excellent opportunity to expand your creative talent and is an exceptional career path for getting into the film industry.

If you have always dreamt of seeing the world of entertainment from behind the camera – this is just the course for you!

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