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Short Programme CertIficate

Electronic music production

This course is available at all campuses

Are you passionate about creating the next big hit? Ready tostep into the world of music production and make your mark in the industry?

Join our team of experienced instructors at Oakfields College and embark on ajourney to unleash your creativity and technical skills in music production.Whether you dream of producing chart-topping tracks or crafting immersivesoundscapes, our programme will equip you with the knowledge and skills neededto thrive in the competitive music industry.

Let Oakfields College empower you.

Programme contents include:
- Music technology and studio set up
- Sequencing and drum programming
- Bass and instrument programming
- Creating lead melodies and chord progressions
- Vocal production
- Audio effects
- Vocal recording techniques
- Loops and samples

12 Classes x 3 Hours = 36 Hours
When: Refer to the schedule for starting date and times

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