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December 20, 2018

Business is about the world of work, the world of work is about generating an income

Do you expect to find a job once you have completed your studies, or do you perhaps plan to set up your own business and employ others?

Professional Development is a subject specifically set up to show you how to fit into the world of work, how to become a productive, fair and ethical member of working society. Either as an employee or as an employer!

From facing and undergoing successful interviews, knowing the rights of both employees and employers to being placed in positions in companies.

Professional Development tracks the step-by-step road map to job and financial progress by preparing a detailed business plan which you will use in the future.

This programme tells you how to convert your chosen study field into an income-generating tool for yourself.

You have aspirations and expectations for yourself and you want to assert yourself as an independent young adult by showing your parents that you are willing and able to take care of yourself when the time comes,right? Professional Development is there to show you how to do this!

You will know how to go about applying for attractive positions or what is required to set up a business of your own, how to determine whether there is a need in the market for your products and your skills, how to create awareness of your offering in the market. You will learn how to become service-oriented in South Africa – a quality which is highly valued in societies everywhere.

Professional Development introduces you to networking – how to build up a network of contacts with which you can help others and yourself to secure employment or to do business. It will teach you how to work in teams and groups to the benefit of all involved.

We look forward to guiding you on this journey of self-discovery! Life is good!

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