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Career Paths In The Film & TV Industry - Why You Should Study A Film Course

There are countless avenues for you as a film and video production major in our modern world. Many students arrive at our institution with a career path in mind but by the time they graduate they have a completely new goal. Today we will look at some potential career paths for you in the film and video production industry.

Production Assistant

Being a production assistant for your first job is a great way to gain high-quality hands-on experience. You get to work with the whole production team from the camera operators to the costume designers. Production Assistants are normally in charge of maintaining order on set, relaying messages and making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be. You could say that the job of a Production Assistant is like the glue that holds everything together.

Freelance Videographer

Film and edit anything you want, if this type of freedom sounds enticing to you, you should consider being a freelance videographer. However, when working solo you’ll most likely have to take responsibility for all aspects of the shoot. One of the main challenges for freelance videographers is that they have to be self-motivated when it comes to marketing their services as well as maintaining good customer relationships. Freelancing is highly rewarding both personally and financially and is a great way to break into the film and video production industry.


One of the more competitive spheres in the film and video production industry is the role of a screenwriter. They are involved in all phases of pre-production. They help with generating ideas, script production and story development by rewriting where necessary. Screenwriters are expected to be creative and hardworking. You can also expect to work closely with the directors to hone the images, dialogue and actions in a script. Screenwriting may be a competitive business however it is also an extremely rewarding one.


An integral part of every film set is the Grips. Grips scout for the best locations to set up the filming equipment for optimal shots. There are different roles for grips, the key grip is the supervisor of the whole operation. The best boy looks after all the administrative duties and ensures the safety standard on set. Dolly grips operate the camera dolly, physically navigating the rigs up and down the stage. Working as a grip is a great steady occupation, however, it requires you to be patient, dedicated and have a keen sight for optimal shooting locations.

Succeeding in the film and video production industry is no easy task but with the right plan of action and mindset, anything is possible. At Oakfields College we help give our students the best shot at succeeding in their desired field of work.

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