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August 10, 2023

Film Schools in South Africa - Oakfields

The booming filmindustry in South Africa has been steadily gaining international recognition,making it a prime destination for aspiring filmmakers. A key factor drivingthis growth is the availability of comprehensive film production courses that provide a solid foundation in thefield. These courses not only build technical skills but also nurturecreativity, critical thinking, and business acumen. They open doors to avariety of career paths—from directing and producing to cinematography andscreenwriting—shaping the next generation of filmmakers who will continue toenrich the cinematic landscape.


Hands-on learning experience


Film production courses offer a hands-on learning experience that enables students to gainpractical skills through direct involvement in filmmaking. This experiential learningapproach helps students understand filmmaking dynamics, from pre-productionplanning to post-production editing. It allows them to experience real-worldsituations, deal with challenges, and make decisions that can influence thefinal outcome of a film.


Fostering creativity and innovation


In filmproduction, creativity and innovation are of paramount importance. Film production courses help infostering these essential qualities in students. The courses offer variousopportunities for brainstorming, conceptualising unique ideas, and creativelyimplementing them to produce exceptional films. This creative exercise not onlyhones their artistic skills but also enhances their ability to think out of thebox, a trait highly valued in the film industry.


Why choose Oakfields College?


At OakfieldsCollege, we pride ourselves on being more than an educational institution—weare a creative community. Our filmproduction courses

are designed with the student's growth inmind, blending theoretical knowledge with practical exposure to producewell-rounded industry professionals. We provide an array of opportunities forour students to gain real-world experience, including the chance to film majorevents like the annual fashion show and the Oakfest music festival. Theseexperiences not only enhance their skills but also add to their portfolio,which gives them an edge when seeking employment. Join us at Oakfields Collegeand embark on a journey toward a promising career in the dynamic world of filmproduction.

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