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Frame Your Passion: Embrace Professional Photography Courses at Oakfields College, South Africa

Do you have a burning passion for photography? Are you looking to polish your skills under the guidance of experienced professionals? At Oakfields College, we invite you to turn your passion for photography into a career by enrolling in our comprehensive photography courses.

Situated in South Africa, Oakfields College is a haven for creatives, nurturing talent and fostering skills through focused, engaging, and practical modules. Whether you're an aspiring photographer or a seasoned enthusiast seeking to refine your craft, our photography courses offer the perfect balance between theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience.

Unleashing Your Creativity under Expert Guidance
At Oakfields College, we believe in learning by doing. Our dedicated and seasoned lecturers, armed with substantial industry experience, guide you through a dynamic, stimulating environment that encourages creativity. From understanding the nuances of photographic technology to developing your unique artistic flair, we assist you at every step.

Building Your Photographic Portfolio
What's better than learning photography? It's applying the learnt skills to create an impressive portfolio. Our course includes a range of exciting photographic briefs that will challenge your creativity and provide you with tangible evidence of your skills and progress.

Course Modules
Our comprehensive photography course includes the following modules:

Introduction, history and equipment: Gain a holistic view of photography, its evolution and the equipment used.
Studio and natural lighting: Learn how to manipulate light to your advantage, whether in the studio or outdoors.

Photoshop: Master the art of photo editing and manipulation to enhance your photographs.
Camera controls and composition: Understand the technical aspects of photography and learn how to compose compelling shots.

Flash: Discover the power of flash in photography and how it can be used creatively.
Event photography: Get hands-on experience capturing dynamic events and translating them into captivating visuals.

Course Duration
Our photography course runs for 10 weeks, with a 3-hour class each week. Please refer to our schedule for starting dates and times.

Join us at Oakfields College, and allow your passion for photography to truly flourish. With our professional courses, experienced faculty, and engaging curriculum, you'll embark on a journey that transforms your hobby into a viable career option.

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