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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)


Application and Registration Process at Oakfields College

Full time applications and registrations

Please follow the link below for a step-by-step guide to becoming a registered student at Oakfields College.

Part time applications and registrations

If you want to apply for a part time course, all you need to do is get an enrolment form from the campus of your choice. You can then email or come into the campus with the below documents in order to enrol for the course.

·         The completed enrolment form

·         The costing sheet

·         A certified copy of your ID

·         A certified copy of the person responsible for payments ID


How much are your courses?

Each of our courses have various pricing options. Please send your contact details to your campus of choice and the student advisor will send you the course information sheet so that you can see the various pricing options.  


What are the requirements to study with you?

Part-time requirements

All of our part-time courses are short certificate programmes and you just need to be 16 years or older to register for one of these courses.

Full-time requirements

Each full-time course at Oakfields College has different requirements for acceptance. 

Most of our courses require an audition procedure or a portfolio to be handed in. These will be explained to you before you apply or once your application has been sent in.

With all of our courses you will need to have an interview so that we can see whether the course you have chosen will suit what you are looking for. 

For our diploma courses, you will need to have a National Senior Certificate (Matric pass) with a Diploma pass. (40% home language, 40% for three other subjects, 30% for the rest).

If you would like to study one of our certificate courses, we generally ask for a National Senior Certificate. However, if you do not have a National Senior Certificate you can contact the campus directly, explain what level of education you have and we will ascertain if you are eligible to apply for one of our courses.


Can you study more than one course at a time?

You cannot study more than one full-time course at a time as the times, subjects and lecturers may cross over. Throughout your studies you may find yourself doing introductory workshops into our other full-time courses that will assist you in your chosen field. For example, you may do a photography workshop in your graphic design or event management course as this will benefit you in both of these fields.

Of course, you may choose to study a second course once you have completed your first course. Many of our students do so, as our variety of creative courses work so well together. 

Do you offer bursaries?

Oakfields College sometimes receives part bursaries from the National Arts Council but, as we are often only notified of these bursaries at the beginning of the academic year, this is not something to be relied upon. They also only cover a small percentage of the course fees and not the full amount. This means that all students who apply with us need to make sure that they can either afford the course without the bursary or have a backup plan in case they do not receive the bursary. 

Do you accept bursaries, loans or funding from external parties?

Oakfields College does accept funding and bursaries from external parties. It will be the student (If older than 21) or their guardian’s responsibility to make sure that the funding is paid, as well as to know the terms and conditions of the loan, bursary or funding. Please remember, we are a private institution and you will need to make note of this when applying for external funding.  

When are your open days?

Our next open day dates are published on our website at . If you cannot attend these open days, you can contact your nearest campus to make an alternative appointment.


Are your courses accredited?

Yes, the Oakfields College full-time courses are all accredited. You can see the various bodies we are accredited with on the link

Our part-time courses are not accredited as we offer these as short, practical, skills-based courses.


Are you internationally accredited?

Oakfields College is nationally accredited. We do have an international articulation agreement with a university in the UK, Solent University, which means you have the opportunity to further your studies through them once you have completed your studies at Oakfields College.


Do you offer online / correspondence / distant learning courses?

We do not offer courses via online or correspondence. All of our courses are taught practically on campus in a small classroom environment so that students receive more one-on-one attention.


Do you have accommodation?

We don’t offer accommodation at any of our campuses.

If you are looking for accommodation, our student advisors  will give you an accommodation list of places available in the area, or they will put you in contact with current registered students who are also looking for accommodation.


Do you help with career placement?

We do not help with career placement after students leave Oakfields College. However, we have many companies who contact us during the year and we will put the company in contact with the students who have worked hard during the year and were reliable.

Work Integrated Learning is a part of each course, which means that you will be working for a certain amount of hours in your chosen industry. This generally assists our students with job placement, as well as an understanding of which area of the industry you would like to work in.


What are the benefits of studying at Oakfields College?

Oakfields College is a private college.  Classes are small giving students personalised attention.

Our courses are all skills-based and extremely practical giving students hands-on experience.

Students build up their portfolios throughout the year giving them the edge in job interviews.

All of our courses work together with assignments and events, which ensures real life experience.

Lecturers are working experts in their fields.

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