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January 28, 2016
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Higher Education Options – Which to Choose?

When you’re trying to decide how to continue your studies, things can get very confusing with all the options out there. Let’s try to simplify it a little.

All education in South Africa falls within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF). This is divided into different levels, including: 

  • Further Education and Training (FET): grades 10 – 12, as well as trade-oriented certificates and diplomas
  • Higher Education and Training (HET): all higher education institutions, including universities and colleges 


Universities fall within the HET band and provide academic training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. When you complete your studies, you receive a degree in your chosen field. Although universities of technology do offer more vocation-oriented qualifications, the courses at traditional universities are mainly theory-oriented. 

FET colleges

Further Education and Training (FET) colleges help prepare you for a particular career path. Although there is a strong foundation of theory, the training is extremely practical. Classes are usually smaller and you get hands-on experience during the course of your studies. When you’re done, you usually receive a certificate or diploma, and are fully equipped to enter the working world. 

Where Oakfields College fits in

In alignment with recent legislation changes, Oakfields College is accredited with the SETAs (Sector Educational Training Authorities) who fall under the auspices of the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO), which manages skills-based qualifications. We operate according to the principles of Private (FET) Colleges though, and are strongly based in practical application. 

Our highly qualified instructors are active in their fields and therefore up to date with the latest trends and applications. You also have the option of studying part-time or full-time, which gives you a much greater degree of freedom than at a traditional university or college. 

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