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May 23, 2016
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How to Ignite your Inner Creativity

Many people believe you have to be a traditional artist in order to be “creative”.  The truth is that we’re all creative, although we may express it differently.  We might also have suppressed our creativity because someone once criticised something we made.  Luckily, we can begin relighting our creative spark right now.   

Acknowledge your creativity

Firstly, notice all the ways in which you’re creative every day.  Seemingly mundane tasks like deciding what to wear, putting together a meal, or composing an email or even a WhatsApp message all require us to make creative decisions.

Interestingly, daydreaming, traditionally considered a waste of time, is hugely creative, often leading to unusual solutions to problems.  

Do things differently

Now ask yourself how you could do something that you do often – in a more interesting way.  It could be as simple as wearing an unusual colour, having dessert before your main course, or thinking up a completely new activity for when you hang out with your friends.  The key with creativity is letting go of having to be perfect or fitting in with the norm.  Changing things up creates new pathways in our brain, and that rewiring opens up new creative possibilities in other areas of our lives.   

Learn something new

If you’re interested in a creative hobby but never had the courage to try it for fear of getting it wrong, ease yourself in by learning the basics first.  There are many places that offer courses in interesting subjects, either part-time or full-time.  At somewhere like Oakfields College, for example, you can study subjects as diverse as photography, sewing or graphic design on a part-time basis.   

Creativity is a natural outflow of being human.  All you need to do is learn to express yours in your own unique way.

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