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May 3, 2022
Opinion Piece

How to land your first job

It’s exciting and slightly terrifying at the same time.

You’ve acquired the skills and you’ve spent your time at Oakfields College being given practical tuition that makes you more job ready than most college graduates.

So here are seven top tips on how to go about landing that first job that will put you on your creative journey to success.


1.    Get your CV polished

Your CV may not be the final decider for an employer, but it’s definitely the starting point. Make sure it looks professional. Employers are busy and have a lot on their minds. Nothing irritates them more than a lousy CV. Keep it to the point and not too wordy or long. Spelling mistakes are a sign of a lack of attention to detail, which for a creative is a concern. Your CV is the highway billboard that will make your employer stop and notice and decide whether to call you in for an interview or not.


2.    Use your network

You might not think so, but you know people. Use your network, speak to your role models, knock on the doors you do have access to. Mine your own network and you’ll be surprised what it can lead to.


3.    Be focused

When looking for a job, know exactly what skills you have and what you can offer and target these jobs. A shotgun approach doesn’t work. Be specific. If you think looking for a job takes time, consider the time an employer puts in to interviewing people for a job. The easier you can make this process for an employer, by identifying clearly exactly the skills they require, the better for you.


4.    It’s not about the money

Your first job will not be your last job, so don’t be too hung up on the money or the company benefits. Understand that while you do believe you’re world-class, you have to start somewhere. We’re not saying you should sell yourself short. Never. But be realistic. Realise that this is your way into the job market. It’s where you’re starting, not where you’re planning to end up.


5.    Show your value

Be clear on the value you can add to the job you’re applying for. The ultimate aim is not to make the job suit you, but for you to be the person that adds value for an employer. In your search, show employers the value you can bring to their business and there will always be a door opened for you.


6.    Go digital

You’re part of the online generation - now use that to your advantage. Get onto LinkedIn, promote your work or your skills on other social media platforms and tag companies you’re interested in. Be creative (we taught you that at Oakfields College!). Make a potential employer smile or think differently about something. Whatever it is, in a positive way, create interest in you and your skills.


7.    Don’t give up

At Oakfields College we didn’t just give you a qualification. We didn’t just teach you a skill. We taught you how to believe in yourself. We taught you to dream big and go for it. Now’s the time to put that to use. The biggest skill you’ll have in your job search is tenacity. Don’t wait for that job to come to you. Get out there. Go and find your first job. You already have everything you need to be successful!

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