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How To Pass Your Driving Test in Five Easy Steps

Once you’ve learned to drive, you won’t believe how you managed without having a licence. Assuming you can get your hands on a car of course, it means no more buses or taxis, bumming lifts from friends or being stuck at home due to lack of transport.

Really, do you need any more incentive?

Step 1: Get your Learner’s

Before you’re allowed on the road, you need a Learner’s Licence. This involves studying up on the rules of the road and the basics of driving. Book well in advance at your closest test centre then buy a hard copy or online manual to help you study.

Step 2: Get on the road

Once you have your Learner’s, you could ask a friend or family member to teach you to drive. To avoid road rage on all sides though, it’s much more sensible to book a couple of lessons up front with a professional driving instructor, so you know you have the basics right.

Step 3: Practice makes perfect

The only thing that helps settle those initial nerves is plenty of practice. Have a store of chocolate or other goodies on hand to help persuade those friends and family members to lend you their car (note: you must have a licensed driver with you while you practise), and get out there as often as you can.

Step 4: Get in line for your Driver’s

At some centres, you can wait months, so book as soon as possible for your Driver’s test. There are various sites on the internet that give you approximate waiting time at the centres, in different regions. While you wait, keep practising. Then when it finally comes around, you’ll be ready to go. If you pass first time round, congratulations! If not (don’t worry – you won’t be the first), return to Step 2 or 3, then try again.

Step 5: Celebrate – but be sensible about it and don’t go out drinking with your friends and then volunteer to drive them home!!

Enjoy your newfound freedom.

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