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January 11, 2016
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It’s all in the planning

Event planning is a type of project management, specifically applied to planning and executing events. From private parties and ceremonies through to festivals and conferences, someone needs to come up with the concept, plan the logistics, and co-ordinate everything and everyone involved.

How do I know if it’s the right career for me?

Are you a quick, creative thinker and a born organiser who loves to multi-task? When presented with a goal, do you immediately focus on the details of how to get there? If you’re all about making things happen and you love networking too, events management/planning may be for you.

What can I do with an events management qualification?

Knowing how to plan well and then execute that plan opens the doors to many careers. You may choose to be a straight-up events planner, or you could apply your skills in other ways. For example, running a catering company or working with a corporate marketing department to launch products. Oakfields College offers several study options, including: 

While each of these courses is slightly different, they all teach the specific techniques required, as well as how to work with everyone involved, from suppliers to clients. You’ll also build your confidence in applying these skills by organising events during the year. 

Once I complete my studies, then what?

You can choose to plan events part-time, join an established company or, if you’re already well networked and good at marketing yourself, start your own business. 

Whichever direction you choose, it will keep you on your feet and give you that rush as it all comes together!

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