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Open Doors With A Diploma In Performing Arts

A diploma in performing arts includes the categories, dancing musical arts and theatre. Having this diploma will open many doors in stage acting, work in movies, working with artists and musicians as well as teaching the arts. In today's article we will be covering what is a performing arts diploma and what opportunities will arise from obtaining one.

What Is A Diploma In Performing Arts

The performing arts are forms of art that are presented by a single person or a group of people. You can obtain a diploma in performing arts just like any other degree by completing the required course work, this varies from specialisation to specialisation and institution to institution.

  • Dance: The coursework you can expect to complete to earn a performing arts in dance are technical and creative practices, body science, Theoretical dance, choreography and technique. Most dancing curriculums include courses in human anatomy, dance production, music essentials, kinesiology and improvisation.
  • Music: To major in music, you'll need to complete fundamentals of music, music history and music theory. You will focus on one instrument or voice and you'll need to master it before graduation.
  • Drama: To Complete a Major in drama or theatre arts you will need to complete fundamentals of drama, dramatic arts literature, set design and production courses. You will mainly focus on the process of working with other creatives to create a production.

Jobs For Each Specialisation


  1. Ballet dancer
  2. Choreographer
  3. Dance studio manager
  4. Dance teacher
  5. Dance therapist
  6. Modern dancer
  7. Opera dancer
  8. Personal trainer
  9. Physical therapist
  10. Theme park dancer


  1. Artist manager
  2. Broadcast engineer
  3. Composer
  4. Instrument salesperson
  5. Music producer
  6. Music teacher
  7. Music therapist
  8. Music publicist
  9. Musician agent
  10. Recording engineer


  1. Casting director
  2. Cinema actor
  3. Director
  4. Dramatherapist
  5. Fight director
  6. Film editor
  7. Playwright
  8. Propmaster
  9. Set designer
  10. Stage actor

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