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May 28, 2021
Media Arts

Photography: a way of life

Photography: a way of life

It goes beyond just pushing a button, beyond saying 'Cheese'.   It’s a craft.  

One that requires time and, of course, passion.

Initially I had thought the fact that I enjoyed editing pictures on my phone meant photography was 'my thing’, but as soon as I made the decision to go to study photography, I quickly realised that it was more than that. I stepped into my first class with a notepad and pen at hand, ready to take notes and learn how to be a great photographer all in one day, but to my surprise all we did that day was learn how to reference. Confused as to why we were not touching cameras, I took my notes down diligently and later discovered that that lesson got me through my years as a photography student.

Going back to luminaries and being able to not only capture like-images but writing about the lives they led and how they became renowned in this field, is key to discovering who you are as a photographer.

You know photography is for you when it is no longer just about the camera but the process of capturing a moment that makes time stand still, like creating a time capsule.

You fall so in love with the craft that all you want to do is master it. You realise that spending countless hours working towards ‘the perfect shot’ comes effortlessly and that’s when photography becomes LIFE. Every push of that shutter release button means you’re one step closer to that masterpiece.

Inspiration is drawn from a variety of things; from the beauty in nature, to telling someone’s story, advertorials, billboards etc. Reading up on what great photographers did and are doing gets me incredibly excited.   Getting lost in the text and the outstanding imagery inspires me to push towards creating a body of work with a voice, making images that tell a story.

Fred R. Barnard says 'a picture is worth ten thousand words' and this phrase could not be more true because as a photographer, sometimes words fail to come easily. Someone will ask you to describe something and your response would be 'wait, let me show you a picture'.

It becomes a way of life; your camera follows you where you go but in turn guides you in the journey of exploring the beauty in the world, the beauty that is the life of a photographer.

When your camera fits in your hand better than a glove, that’s when you know photography is for you.  

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