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Short Courses with Long-Term Impact

Modern tertiary education has become flexible and adaptable in order to meet the demands of a constantly changing world. The benefit for you is that there is no longer just one way to upskill yourself and no time limit either. The world of short courses has changed this model forever.


The value of short courses has increased dramatically over the last decade. The world of work is changing at a rapid rate and it’s estimated that the collective global knowledge doubles every thirteen months. This constant changeability has already been identified as one of the megatrends shaping the future of work in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


So the world of education needs to be equally adaptable in its offering of an intense value-driven skills enhancement option that meets this current pace of growth.


For the school leaver unsure of a fulltime career option, short courses offer a great way to get a foot in the door and start that process in a low-risk way, and with the option to change at any time without too much of a financial implication. There is nothing more disheartening than committing to a fulltime study option, only to realise halfway through and with a mountain of debt, that this is not the career for you. A short course will quickly clarify any doubts.


For those currently in the workplace, short courses offer a highly flexible option for skills development in their current careers, with the opportunity to study while they work. Now more than ever employers are investing heavily in the skills development of their employees and short courses are a perfect medium for this.


For those simply interested in turning a hobby into a career, short courses are a fantastic introduction to a possible new venture. Or it may even be the door to a side business that brings in extra income.


The changing face of work in the current global climate also makes short courses a highly attractive option as they can easily be conducted online.


Oakfields College has an array of short courses from Acting to Digital Marketing, Photography, Sound Recording and even Sewing and Special Effects Make-Up.


All of our short programme certificates are run by qualified lecturers; many of whom currently work in the industry which makes them perfect for offering a heavily practical course. The courses are run during the day or in the evening, and on Saturdays.

A short course may just be the perfect solution for your long-term vision.

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