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May 31, 2021
Design want to be a young fashion designer?


DETERMINATION, TALENT and DRIVE are the personality traits that you are going to need to be successful in this business!  Add to that a good dose of hard work and you should be well on your way.

Fashion is all about expressing an identity and in this modern world there are many cultures and sub-cultures that express this …

Think of a new take on your cultural heritage or a sub-culture such as the goths, emo’s, bohemians, punks, etc for a start.  They all have distinctive looks that express who they are and what they believe in.

Are you someone who is very particular about expressing your personality through your clothing and accessories?  Do you spend hours putting together a look that is unique just to you? Do you follow celebrities who you feel express a similar lifestyle philosophy as yourself? And most importantly, do you like making things that express your ideas? Maybe it’s a bag, or a beaded pin, or a decoration on your denim jacket ….

You may well be a young designer in the making!

Since achieving our democracy in 1994, the expression of all cultural groups in South Africa has been evolving at a rapid rate.  Many people are expressing themselves in exciting ways; drawing on cultural symbols and patterns, but with a very modern approach.

Garments with Xhosa patterns, accessories with Venda silhouettes, and street wear with Zulu braid patterns sewn down the sides of men’s trousers and many takes on bead work, all speak of expressing culture in a modern way. Worn by musicians, artists, politicians and young people alike, these are indeed very exciting times for South African fashion.

It is not uncommon for prospective students to watch a fashion show or read a fashion magazine / blog and think that this is the glamorous life that models or designers lead - but this would be a mistake.

The key requirements to this profession are love and dedication to the ‘making process’!

A love of materials and dedication to dressing and making others look beautiful!

If this is your chosen profession, you will spend many long hours working in your studio/ factory on garments for your clients.  Many hours of cutting patterns, sewing to perfection, fitting your clients and shopping for beautiful cloth lie behind that gorgeous wedding dress that walks down the aisle or goes down the fashion ramp.  There are no magic fairies in the studio!

Briefly, in the FASHION design programme you will acquire the skills to:

·       Design and technically draw garments in their ranges according to a professional presentation standard

·       Cut patterns for a selection of these designs

·       Make up the garments in methods suitable to industry standards

·       Illustrate and decorate these designs

·       Participate in a fashion show.                              

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