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Unleash Your Theatrical Talents with Oakfields College's Comprehensive Drama Course

Is the world of drama and performing arts calling out to you? If your passion is to captivate audiences with your performance, Oakfields College's drama course, available at all our campuses, is the perfect stepping stone towards a fulfilling acting career.

A Stage for Skill and Confidence Building

At Oakfields College, we recognise that talent alone doesn't always cut it in the demanding world of drama. There's a need for professional skill and confidence that allows performers to adapt to any role seamlessly. Our drama course caters precisely to this need.

Our students engage in numerous performances and productions, offering them a platform to apply learned skills and develop stage presence. The spotlight becomes a place of comfort, paving the way for the passion to shine through.

Drama Qualification: A Passport to Success

Oakfields College's drama qualification is more than just a certificate; it's a passport to a successful acting career. We believe in nurturing the innate love for theatrical arts and supplementing it with the professional skills necessary for a robust career in drama.

While the stage is the canvas, you, as the aspiring actor, are the paintbrush. Our goal is to help you create a masterpiece that leaves audiences spellbound.

Learn from Industry Experts

One of the unique benefits of studying drama at Oakfields College is the chance to be mentored by seasoned professionals from the performing arts industry. These experts, with their vast hands-on experience, provide invaluable insights and practical lessons that go beyond traditional classrooms.

Beyond the Classroom: Practical Exposure

At Oakfields College, we realise the importance of practical exposure in honing acting skills. That’s why our drama course extends beyond the theoretical boundaries and plunges you into the real world. You'll be part of industry visits, and most importantly, you'll perform live with your fellow students in fully-equipped theatres.

You are not just studying drama; you are living it.

Join the Oakfields College Drama Course

Drama is a world that thrives on creativity, spontaneity, and passion. Our drama course at Oakfields College embodies these traits and offers a comprehensive platform to set your acting journey in motion. Listen to what our students have to say about this course and take the leap into the exhilarating world of drama today.

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