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October 11, 2018

Why Business Studies?



Business management? GROAN!

I’ve just come from mixing sick beats in the studio or designing a kick-ass villain in the animation lab and now you want me to go to business class. Why Oh why?

Let us enlighten you young grasshoppers.

You are brimming with talent and passion,then again so was Van Gogh and he died penniless!

Until you learn to navigate the mine field that is “the business world” your talented butt will NEVER sit on that Iron Throne.

After all, business activity effects the daily lives of ALL people as we work, spend, save, invest, travel and even play.

Let us teach you how to use the transferable skills gained through business studies to harness, manage and promote all that you are and all the you aspire to be.

Let us show you how to build your brand, how to network, how to analyze and forecast market trends, how to lead “like a boss”.

In the words of the great Mr. Richard Branson, if you care about something enough to do something about it, then you are in business”.

See you in class!


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