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November 5, 2018

Why study Event Management?

Do you enjoy throwing parties for your friends, organising dinners or planning fun days out? Well then you might be a natural event coordinator.


Event management isn’t just about organising festivals or concerts. This expanding industry involves so much more. The events industry now includes events of all sizes from the down to business breakfast meetings.


Over the last few years there has been a huge boom in the events industry,
both locally and internationally. With the changes in the entertainment industries, for example, musicians no longer earn money from album sales and so need live
shows to generate an income. New marketing tools and campaigns are being
implemented through the use of festivals, expos and conferences. Companies
have internal/in-house event coordinators to motivate and incentivise employees.


This is not to say that everyone is
successful in this endeavour and many organisers make major fundamental mistakes with
their events due to poor planning and a lack of understanding of the industry. This
usually results in a huge loss in profit. While this is an ever-changing industry, not
everyone has the right savvy, know- how or tools
to pull off a successful event.


This is why the Oakfields College course is so vital and relevant. The course has a theory and practical
component, and covers the different types of events;
the five phases of event management; planning a
successful event; relationship building and much
more. Students also assist in the various
functions at the college and this helps them grasp
a better, more practical understanding of the course material. Events such as
the fashion show, Oakfest (music festival), charity events and approaching sponsors for these
events are all a part of the practical experience they will receive during
their course.


The PR and Event Management course incorporates both event management and public
relations into one, as both industries work hand in hand. Most
publicists are required to assist in planning events, campaigns, etc, and all event organisers should have a strong understanding of
public relations.


If you stay calm under pressure, manage
people well, are organized and a problem solver,
then this is the perfect course for you.

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