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June 12, 2019
Media Arts

Why you should study our short course in Sound Recording

If you are a person who wants to start your own home studio or have one but want to know more about audio recording in general, the Short Learning Programme in Sound Recording is the perfect addition to your skill set.

During this course you will be learning the basics of audio theory from microphones, wave forms, processing equipment to audio interfaces that will up your game in the industry. But it’s not all theory and note taking; there are many practical aspects that you will learn in-studio to make you a better home studio engineer.

You will be learning various microphone techniques, how to use the studio to its full potential, recording techniques and how to listen to that finer detail on your recordings. You will also be learning the basics of Cubase Pro 8.5; how to start a new project, populating it with audio or how to record with it.

From conception sound design, post production, editing, multitrack recordings, mixing and mastering or generally being creative with virtual instruments and third party plugins and tools, what more do you need?

The recording equipment that you will be working with in the studio during your short course is of industry standard with the software being used in studios across the world.

The final assignment will be a drum recording and after the recording you will be editing, mixing and mastering the recording. You will be given a copy of this assignment to keep for yourself as a start to your personal portfolio.

With any short learning programme it is important to note that every single class is important and there is a lot to cover in a short period of time. This is for the individual who wants to know more than the average Joe. To be a professional sound engineer takes years of experience and dedication and this learning programme is the best start to becoming one! It is up to you to pursue and follow your dreams and passion for the audio industry. You are doing this because you love it!

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