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Mid-year intake starting Monday 3 June 2024 for one-year certificates.

Complete your qualification in a year.

3 Courses Available for
2024 Mid-year Applications:

1) Sound Engineering
2) Graphic Design
3) Early Childhood Development Teacher


One-year certificates. Complete your qualification in a year.

When Will Courses Be Starting?
Mid-year intake starting Monday, 3 June 2024.

Course Fees & Schedule:  

Fill in application form, choose your course and campus of choice. Once you have submitted your application, receive your fees and schedule details.

Application For 2024 Mid-year Intake

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Why should you think about starting your studies in June?

If you took a little longer to decide on the right career path, jumping into your studies mid-year allows you to still kick-start your academic journey. It's never too late to chase those dreams!

Beat the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out):
Your friends have all started their studies and you somehow missed the boat in January.  Don’t despair.  Our mid-year intake is your golden ticket to the education party. No need to sit on the sidelines anymore – join the fun and start learning!

Avoid the crowds:

Starting in June means smaller class sizes and more personalised attention.  Your education, your way!

No more procrastination:

Life happens and plans get delayed. A mid-year start is perfect if you procrastinated a bit or needed that extra time to gather your resources. Now is your chance to hit the ground running!

Financial flexibility:
Let's face it – not everyone has their finances sorted out at the beginning of the year.  Mid-year enrolment gives you a bit more time to gather your funds together and then you too have the chance to dive into studying at college. So, whether it's chasing a passion, avoiding FOMO, enjoying a more intimate learning experience, beating procrastination or navigating financial waters – starting in June could be the game-changer for you if you’re eager to get started on studying for your chosen career.