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September 12, 2018

1 Stitch 2 Stitch

Sewing can be divided into many different categories; sewing by hand, home decor sewing, sewing for children/grandchildren, fashion/garment sewing, quilting, crafts, up cycling and many more of which I can’t even begin to recall. All said sewing is a most useful skill worth learning.

Learning how to fix a button is easy, but sewing has much more to offer, particularly if you invest in a good sewing machine. From saving money and going green, to improving your style significantly, there are plenty of good reasons to learn to sew. If you are not content with the clothes you find in stores or want to express yourself in the way you dress, sewing can assist you in finding a satisfying outlet for your creativity.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to design beautiful clothes for your family, friends and yourself at a fraction of the cost of buying factory-produced clothing.

Rev up your sewing machine and get ready to stitch! You will discover that sewing is fun and rewarding as you will learn to create something out of virtually nothing. It is exciting to work with your hands and this will ensure that you find an outlet for your creativity. On completion of your project, you will have something new to wear that will reflect your creativity and personality. 

There is SO much to learn when you start to sew; you will be able to read a pattern (even be able to alter it), understand fabrics (what they’re made of and how to work with them), how to use a sewing machine, how to assemble a garment and much more. Sewing your own garments allows you to create exactly what you want, when you want and is a fantastic way of expressing your creativity.

There is no greater sense of satisfaction than holding your head up high and saying ”I made this” when asked where your fabulous clothes/soft furnishings or cushions came from.

What could be more exciting than to learn a new skill and be able to create something that will be the envy of others?

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