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Performing Arts

Find Your Performing Arts Potential at Oakfields College

Do you feel an electrifying surge of energy when you step onto the stage? Does the concept of singing, dancing, and acting set your soul alight? If so, it's time to bring your performing arts dream into reality. Oakfields College, a private institution in Pretoria, South Africa offers a unique gateway for you to channel your artistic prowess and elevate your career to new heights.

Redefining the Realm of Performing Arts with our Musical Theatre Diploma

Theatre and performing arts aren't just about talent; they are a synergy of passion, skills, and the right education. At Oakfields College, we offer a comprehensive three-year diploma in Musical Theatre and Dance, tailored for those whose hearts beat for the rhythm of performing arts.

This immersive course combines dancing, singing, and acting - an amalgamation of your three favourite things. Don't just dream about standing under the glare of theatre lights, experience the thrill firsthand. Take the bold step and book your audition at Oakfields College now! Our proud graduates can testify - this journey will be a transformative milestone in your performing arts career.

Mentored by Industry Professionals

Our unique curriculum is not just about academics; it is enriched by real-world insights from the performing arts, musical theatre, and dance industry veterans. Your journey at Oakfields College will be fostered under the guidance of professionals who are recognised and revered in the industry.

Industry role-players, including renowned producers, agents, choreographers, and directors, not only attend our productions but often present workshops at the college. This exposure provides our students with the unique advantage of connecting with the industry influencers and learning from their experiences.

A Gateway to Unprecedented Opportunities

With our diploma, you don't just get an education, you get a platform. A platform that has seen the majority of our students go on to sign with some of South Africa's top agents at the culmination of their training. We prepare you for the real world, offering extensive hands-on experience to ready you for work-related opportunities both in South Africa and beyond.

Our curriculum covers a wide spectrum of performing art disciplines. This broad range of skills enhances your future employment opportunities, ensuring that you are always in demand in the dynamic world of performing arts.

In the arena of performing arts, there is no 'one size fits all'. Oakfields College celebrates this diversity, equipping you with a variety of skills to enhance your individuality and potential.

Take your passion for performing arts to a professional level. Leap into a world of boundless opportunities with Oakfields College – where dreams meet reality.

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