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I did not pass Matric – What now?

Patience is one of the hardest virtues and when you are waiting for your matric results that are holding up your future plans to study and start your career, it can be very difficult to practice!  

The delay in the 2020 matric results has caused stress, anxiety and worry for many young people who have put their plans on hold.

So what happens if those results are not what you hoped for and you fail some subjects?

Don’t be too disappointed or feel that it is the end of your future.  There are options available to you.  Access to higher education at universities is becoming increasingly more difficult which is why further education and training (FET) institutions have become a popular option.   FET offers you the chance to register and study a skills based course in a vocation of your choice while still completing your outstanding matric subjects.

So what now?

There are three options available to you.  The first option is to request a remark.  This can be costly but is an option to pursue if you strongly feel that you deserve a better mark.  Alternatively you can register to write a supplementary exam (this is free) and this will generally be allowed if you failed less than three subjects. It means that you will study in your own time and rewrite on dates set out by the Department of Education.  As a third option you can repeat the year.  This might give you a better understanding as to why you did not make it through the year.

Visit the following website to find out more information about how to register alternatively contact the Department of Basic Education on 0800 20 29 33.

I don’t want to go back to school - Where can I study?

I met Oakfields College nine years ago but they have been offering courses in the following fields of study for fifteen years.  Their courses include Drama, Fashion Design, Film and TV Production, Graphic Design, Make-up and Special Effects, Public Relations and Event Management, Photography and Sound Engineering.  Courses that are accredited with the SETAs (Sector Education and Training Authorities).  

Oakfields College allows students the opportunity to register with their Grade 11 results and while studying they will permit students the flexibility to take study leave and complete the necessary rewrites for matric.

What is Sector Education and Training?

Companies employ people who know how to do the job.  Sector Education and Training was developed to give individuals the opportunity to learn skills that will make them job-ready and employable in the industry of their choice.  These fields of study include a more practical element.  Oakfields College offers certificate courses in Level 4 and Level 5 training with the aligned credits.  Upon completion you will have covered what is necessary to enter the workplace with confidence.  It also opens the door and allows you the freedom, once you have completed your studies, in these fields to study further.

What does Oakfields College offer?

·       Drama (Performing Arts) – Do you see yourself performing on stage, radio, TV or film? Surrounded by artists and working performers, you will develop your talents for an exciting career onstage or film.

·       Fashion Design – The fast-paced, rapidly changing world of fashion needs people who produce innovative, functional and forward thinking designs.

·       Film and Television Production– Have you dreamed of seeing the world entertainment from behind the camera –this is just the course for you.

·       Graphic Design – Starting with basic design and technical literacy, you will be developed into a professional graphic designer both in print and interactive digital media.

·       Make-up and Special Effects –During this course you will learn all aspects of make-up and special effects, from fashion make-up to stage and film make-up.

·       Public Relations and Event Management – Are you a people person who loves a challenge and loves to organise events?  Then this is just the right career for you.

·       Photography – If you have an eye for amazing pictures and are ready to turn your photography dreams into a thriving creative profession, you should definitely choose photography as a career.

·       Sound Engineering – Do you love music and sound production?  The sound engineering course focuses on live and studio sound engineering, audio electronics and
audio software.

How do I register?

·       Contact Oakfields College by visiting  

·       Reach out to the branch that you are interested in studying at –
there are branches in Pretoria and East Rand (Johannesburg) .

·       Request information on the course you are interested in – you can call, visit us, email or WhatsApp.

·       Submit your application and you have taken the first step to your future career.


The future is yours – grab it with both hands!

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