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June 27, 2018



if you had the ability to change people’s minds with a click of a mouse,


if you could affect lives with a simple swipe of a brush.

Graphic Design 

is art with a purpose’. It includes both a creative and structured solution to help communicate and advertise in ways that achieve results and look good while doing so. With the creative and combined use of images, graphics, illustrations, signs and typography (to name a few) you will learn how to achieve a professional, efficient, effective and - most importantly - a kick ass design that is pleasing to the eye and will get the job done.

Graphic design is a vital aspect of everyday life. People make use of and benefit every day from design and its many different branches and specialities without even knowing it. Design is in the brand of toothpaste you use in the morning or the brand of soap you use. For every product or service there is a designer in the background pulling the strings trying to convince you with the use of elements like colour, shape and type that this product is specifically for you.

‘The best type of marketing is marketing people don’t feel is marketing’

-      Hopsin

Graphic design is a doorway to a whole new world of creative possibilities. It allows you to branch out into the many different facets of design that would challenge any creative individual such as marketing, illustration, product design, motion graphics and animation ,publication and magazine design, web design and advertising, to name a few.

Design is geared towards the creative individual.  Gone are the days when if maths or science were not particular strong suits of yours you were stuck up a creek without a paddle! If you have the drive to experiment, to create and to push the boundaries of artistic expression and communication, then breathe easy and come and visit us at

                    Oakfields College



 – Robin Mathew



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