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Series: Meet our lecturers - Lika de Beer

As part of Oakfields College’s ongoing initiative of introducing prospective students to the industry professionals who will guide them through their educational experience, we introduce Lika de Beer - Head of Department for Film, TV and Video Production.


Lika has numerous qualifications, including a BA Honours degree in Drama and Film Studies and a Master’s degree in Literacy Studies obtained from the University of Stavanger in Norway (her thesis dealing with the romanticisation of the serial killer in cinema).


Within the film industry, Lika has worked mainly as a writer, editor and production manager on various video projects and short films. However, she discovered academia is far more up her alley and has shifted her focus towards education.


Before departing for Norway to complete her Master’s degree, Lika lectured at Oakfields College on a part-time basis. She credits this period as the reason why she decided to return to the college to take up the HOD position.


‘I love the creative atmosphere at Oakfields College and the fact that the college creates such a diverse and inclusive environment. Oakfields College creates a home-away-from-home space for the students and the lecturers and I think that that is what makes the college special.’


Lika believes the Covid-19 pandemic has forced students to change their way of doing things as they have had to cope with new ways of learning and interacting in a world that has ever-changing rules.


‘This creates a lot of uncertainty, especially about what the future holds. It is therefore important to help students to build their confidence and independence so that they can face whatever situation they are placed in.’


According to Lika students graduating from Oakfields College will have a solid foundation when they enter the film industry.


‘Our courses are taught by industry professionals, many of whom have their own businesses and are actively working on their craft. This gives a real-world view on the film industry and it also ensures that what is being taught is up-to-date and relevant. Workshops/talks with industry professionals also ensure that the students get the opportunity to learn first-hand from those who are active in the industry.’

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