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My students are extraordinary!

The joy of having small classes means that lecturers and students form strong relationships with each other and our lecturers love seeing our alumni succeed and often go out of their way to help their students.

Tracy teaches business and professional development subjects, which means she teaches all the students on campus and gets to know the different personality types - from your extremely loud drama students to your quieter media students and your enthusiastic event students.


Tracy writes:

Perhaps this blog will one day serve as the prologue to a best-selling book ‘A day in the life of a teacher’;  for you see I am no ordinary teacher and I teach no ordinary students. 

My students are extraordinary!

They shimmer with talent about to spill over.  All they need, all they have ever needed, is someone to open the sluice gates. 

My students (for no matter how old they grow to be, they will always be my kids) are brave, kind, generous and wise.

They were forged in a fire of adversity;  the kind of adversity that all who dare to be different have faced.

My students are actors, singers, designers. 

They are artists!

We learn together, we laugh together and we are there for one another in sunshine and in rain. 

We may begin our journey as a class but we finish as family. 

To all my students, I say:

‘May you go on to be proud, dignified and true, and do unto others as you would have done to you.  Be courageous and be brave and in my heart you will always remain forever young. And when you finally fly away, I will be hoping that I served you well, for all the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell.  But whatever road you choose I am right behind you, win or lose’.

Come and join our family - we really are extraordinary. 

Love Trace. 

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