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Please Mind the ‘COVID’ Gap

Taking a gap year after high school is becoming an increasingly popular decision among matriculants who may feel a tad burnt out, but who do not want to sit idly around and do nothing.


Taking a year break prior to enrolling in tertiary education, gap year students typically get involved in doing paid work, completing an internship, volunteering, or travelling. These students use their twelve month sabbatical to mature, discover themselves and consider what kind of education, career and life they want to pursue.


If you were planning a gap year for 2022, it is highly likely that the Corona virus pandemic has significantly impacted your plans. With international travel still quite restricted, and in-person internships or volunteer work in short supply, a 2022 COVID-19 gap year means you will most likely stay close to (or at) home during this time.


But this does not mean your gap year should be spent sitting at home playing video games all day long. An unproductive twelve month intermission on your CV can make prospective employers uninterested, not to mention your parents a tad grumpy!


At Oakfields College we understand the pressures school-leavers can experience when it comes to deciding what to fill their gap year time with.


That is why we believe our one-year certificate courses (with optional second year) are fantastic options for those students not yet ready to plunge fully into tertiary education.


At Oakfields College we’re focused on providing maximum experience in your chosen course in the minimum amount of time, enabling you to keep your costs manageable whilst at the same time having loads of fun. You can spend your COVID-19 gap year learning new, practical skills in the creative arts before immersing yourself in further studies!


Please visit our website at for more information on our course offerings, or swing by one of our two campuses in Pretoria or Edenvale to see what Extraordinary Education looks like.

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