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September 16, 2021
Opinion Piece

Success is not tied to a Degree

Imagine a world in which Brad Pitt was a journalist. Or Vin Diesel was an English teacher. Perhaps Jake Gyllenhaal as a philosophy professor? Maybe Bill Gates as a lawyer or mathematician? Or Steve Jobs as an expert on Shakespeare and calligraphy?


The above are just some of the college courses those mentioned were studying before they dropped out to pursue their real passion and dreams.


So, are we telling you that you need to drop out of college to become successful? No (Is that a parent’s voice in the background we hear shouting ‘Hell no!’?)


What we are telling you is that a traditional degree is no longer the only path to success. In fact, the world of tertiary education has moved so far forward that degrees are just one of a myriad of options available to school leavers and you shouldn’t ignore all the others.


The old school theory used to be that you cannot enter the working world without a degree and that somehow a degree is your magical key to success. But what those famous college dropouts have all proved is that you determine your success before your qualification determines your success.


Clearly, by following the crowd, these people actually uncovered what they didn’t want to be doing and what their real passion was.


And therein lies the key message. Your success in your career begins with identifying your passion. It doesn’t begin with the right degree from the right university.


It’s exactly for this reason that at Oakfields College we pride ourselves on what we refer to as Extraordinary Education. Finding your passion is an extraordinary journey that is far more important than just settling on a degree that you think will guarantee you success.


And in turn, an extraordinary approach to your tertiary education will make you far better placed to reap the benefits of your passion.


So, identify your passion first, then seek out the institution that takes you further along that journey.


Anything else will not only do a disservice to you and your dreams, but also to society that will not benefit from what you and your passion brings.


After all, imagine if Steve Jobs had stuck with the calligraphy thing.

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