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Performing Arts

The Benefits Of Studying An Acting Course

Acting courses aren't only reserved for Hollywood stars. Doing an acting course comes with many benefits such as improved communication skills, and greater self-confidence and is also a great way to have some fun and relieve some stress.


Acting teachers are experts in the art of dialogue and diction, and through their guidance, you can learn how to speak clearly and effectively. You'll learn how to use different tones, inflections, and pacing to add depth and meaning to your words, and through constant practice, you'll develop the confidence to speak up and use your unique voice. Additionally, our acting course covers voice projection, microphone technique, and other essential skills for effective public speaking.


Acting classes also focus on body language and movement, which are essential elements of communication. Many of us have bad habits when it comes to body language, such as a lack of eye contact, slouching, or fidgeting. An acting class will teach you how to use your body to convey confidence and authority, even when you're feeling nervous or uncertain. You'll learn how to use posture, gestures, and facial expressions to enhance your words and make a powerful impact on your audience.

Relieve Stress:

It can also provide an outlet for self-expression, which can be therapeutic for those who are struggling with stress or emotional turmoil. By preparing and performing monologues and scenes, you'll have the opportunity to express your feelings and explore different emotions. Acting classes also expose you to a wide range of emotions, helping you to better understand and cope with your own feelings. Additionally, our acting course can be great for anxiety relief and self-care.

Friendship and Support:

Oakfields College is a great place to make new friends and build a supportive community. Acting classes have an emphasis on acceptance and collaboration, and you'll naturally become closer to your classmates as you work together to improve your communication and acting skills. Oakfields College's acting program is designed to provide a positive and inclusive environment where students can grow and thrive. Whether you're pursuing a professional acting career or simply looking to improve yourself.

Oakfields College is confident in its acting course and its ability to change your life, whether it's the pursuit of a professional acting career or self-improvement reasons, Oakfields college welcomes you all.

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