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January 8, 2016
Performing Arts

The Spotlight is Yours!

Every born performer deserves a chance to express their inner diva. Whether your chosen medium is musical theatre, radio or tv presenting, dancing or acting on stage or screen, for a successful career in the performing arts you'll need to develop your natural talent so you can truly shine.

How do I know if it's the right career for me? As a child, did you perform in the living room for your family? Do you sing in the shower or dance in your bedroom, wishing you were on a stage instead? Were you always the first to put a hand up in class to read out loud, or perform your poem rather than read it? If so, you may well be a star in the making.

At Oakfields College, we provide several options for aspiring performance artists:

1. A two-year Drama Studies qualification: You'll experience a range of styles, including physical theatre, applied theatre studies and the skills required for working in film or tv. Performances in well-attended theatres will give you real life experience. 

2. A three-year Performing Arts qualification: While majoring in Dance or Musical Theatre, you'll also experience other creative disciplines such as directing and a wide range of performing arts disciplines. 

3. A part-time Radio and TV Presenting course: You'll learn to use your voice for presenting, public speaking and voice-overs.As part of your studies, you'll have the opportunity to be trained by professionals in the industry, as well as the chance to perform and create an electronic portfolio.

What can I do with my performing arts skills?

The performing arts are alive and well in South Africa. You can choose to go solo or join a theatre group, perform on a stage, act your heart out in front of a movie or tv camera, or hog the microphone on radio. If you're lucky enough to be hired by an international company, you could even end up travelling the world!

Once I complete my studies, then what?

Your training will expose you to a wide range of performance options so that you will be well prepared to excel at the all-important auditions for the role of your choice. 

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