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May 9, 2023
Performing Arts

Ultimate Guide to Performing Arts Degree

If you're thinking about pursuing a diploma in performing arts, it's likely that you have a genuine love for the stage and live shows. But you’re probably also questioning if it’s worthwhile to obtain a formal certification in this field.

Many people believe that success in the entertainment industry comes down to developing your skills and showcasing your talents. It seems like all you need to do is be an exceptional singer, dancer, or actor, right? So what is the value of possessing a diploma in performing arts?

Actually, having a diploma in performing arts can bring many benefits that go beyond just having a particular set of skills. Formally studying this field is more than just the chance to brush up on your skills. It also gives you the opportunity to work with elite professionals, learn from industry experts, and network with influential figures within the world of theatre. A diploma in performing arts can open doors that wouldn’t otherwise be available, and give you the chance to elevate your career to the next level.

Oakfields College provides an exceptional standard of education in the field of performing arts. Our distinguished three-year diploma program in musical theatre and dance is led by highly-experienced professionals hailing from the performing arts, musical theatre, and dance industry. We enjoy immense backing from key industry stakeholders—including producers, agents, choreographers, and directors—who regularly attend our productions and host workshops at our institution. The majority of our students, upon completion of their training, sign up with South Africa’s top agents.

For those who possess a passion for performing arts, there is a unique thrill associated with captivating an audience under the bright lights of a theatre. If this prospect ignites a sense of excitement within you, then we invite you to book your audition at Oakfields College and get a diploma in performing arts. Our graduates have spoken fondly of their college experience and are thrilled with the opportunities it has provided them.

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