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Performing Arts

Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential with a Diploma in Performing Arts from Oakfields College

Unlock Your Extraordinary Potential with a Diploma in Performing Arts from Oakfields College

At Oakfields College, we believe in the transformative power of creativity and performance. Our diploma in performing arts is designed to ignite that creative spark in you and catapult you into a vibrant world filled with possibilities. Whether you see yourself shining under the limelight or masterfully directing from behind the scenes, our diploma in performing arts is your gateway to this exciting realm.

Why Oakfields College, you ask? Well, it's simple. We've come a long way since our inception in Pretoria in 2006, spreading our wings to Johannesburg and the East Rand, based on the incredible demand for our practical, industry-driven courses. Our secret to success lies in the comprehensive approach we adopt, interweaving different disciplines to create a rich tapestry of experiences that closely mirror the real world.

Picture this: our diploma in performing arts students, taking centre stage in an extravagant fashion show, their skills honed under the meticulous guidance of our experienced lecturers. Behind the scenes, our public relations and event management students seamlessly coordinate the show, while our graphic design students craft exquisite artwork and posters that capture the essence of the event.

The magic doesn't stop there. As the lights dim and the show begins, our sound students expertly manage the sound and lighting, creating an atmosphere that is nothing short of electrifying. Every dash of makeup, every special effect, is meticulously designed by our makeup and special effects students, ensuring that our performing arts students are at their stunning best. Capturing these unforgettable moments are our photography and film students, preserving these highlights for posterity.

Doesn't this sound like an experience you'd love to be part of? That's the beauty of pursuing a diploma in performing arts at Oakfields College. Our courses are not just theoretical; they are an immersive journey where learning happens through doing. We keep our class sizes small, ensuring that you receive individual attention and are not just another face in the crowd.

In addition, we are registered with the Department of Higher Education, guaranteeing the quality and credibility of our programmes. Whether you're looking at full-time study or short learning programmes that allow you to balance work and study, we have you covered.

So, are you ready to unlock your extraordinary potential with a diploma in performing arts from Oakfields College? Embrace the opportunity to not just learn but to experience, to grow, and to create. Don't just dream of the limelight; own it. Contact us today, and let's begin this exciting journey together.

Oakfields College, your ideal partner in shaping your future in the world of performing arts.

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