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The ECD Practitioner Certificate course is your ticket to becoming a super- skilled early childhood development (ECD)teacher.

Career Opportunities:
Upon successful completion of the certificate, you'll be prepared for a variety of roles in the field of early childhood education, including:
- Preschool/nursery school teacher
- Childcare centre coordinator
- Educator of play group
- Au Pair
- Special needs educator

Are you passionate about nurturing young minds and shaping the future generation? Look no further than Oakfields College's comprehensive one-year full-time Early Childhood Development (ECD) Teacher course. Designed to equip you with the necessary skills, knowledge, and practical experience, this programme sets the foundation for a rewarding career in early childhood education.

Play a vital role in shaping young people’s lives; from the baby stage all the way to Grade R. As an ECD teacher, you will dive into a lively and all-inclusive, play-packed atmosphere. You will become an expert at setting up awesome learning spots, running daily fun activity programmes and making sure children are safe, sound and having a blast at crèche or pre-school.

The demand for top-notch ECD teachers is on the rise. Whether you dream of joining an existing school or starting up your own school, this certificate is the first step in your career; allowing you the opportunity to make a big impact on a child’s education and care journey.

During your time in Oakfields College's ECD Teacher course, you will delve into a diverse array of subjects essential for understanding and fostering the growth of young minds. Our curriculum begins with an Introduction to Early Childhood Development, laying the groundwork for comprehending the intricacies of child development.

Our curriculum begins with an Introduction to Early Childhood Development, laying the groundwork for comprehending the intricacies of child development.

You will explore key theories and principles in Child Development, gaining insights into the cognitive, emotional and social milestones of early childhood.

Programme Planning equips you with the skills to design engaging and developmentally appropriate activities, while Facilitation & Mediation hones your ability to create inclusive learning environments that cater to diverse needs.

Through Assessing the Child’s Progress, you'll learn how to effectively monitor and evaluate individual growth and learning outcomes.

Understanding the importance of Nutrition, Health and Safety ensures a holistic approach to child well-being, while Administration provides you with the organisational skills necessary for managing early childhood settings. Collaboration emphasises the value of working with parents, colleagues and community members to support children's holistic development.

Lastly, Practical Teaching Experience (internship at a preschool) allows you to apply your theoretical knowledge in real-world educational settings, honing your teaching skills and fostering confidence in your abilities.

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