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December 1, 2020

Series: Meet our lecturers - Paul van den Heever

As the first in a series of blogs introducing our lecturers, we would like to present Paul van den Heever.

Paul is a full-time lecturer, having worked in the Oakfields College sound department for the past seven years.   Paul lectures live sound, electronics, studio craft, music and audio postproduction.

It was his love of music and being part of his high school orchestra that made him pursue music after grade twelve. Paul studied at the Academy of Sound Engineering and is currently in his final semester completing an Honors Degree in Music and Sound at The University of West London.

A veteran of the industry, Paul has worked at several theatres and live-performance venues as a freelance front-of-house engineer and has been running Debut Productions, a live sound, lighting, staging and production company for the past ten years.

Paul sees critical thinking, work-integrated learning and thinking outside the box as key to success in the sound engineering industry.

‘Within a creative environment with the ease of information from the digital realm, lack of creativity and not finding your style has become more apparent due to replicating what others have produced as opposed to critical thinking and developing one’s sound pallet.’

Paul also believes Oakfields College students will have an advantage when it comes to job-hunting.

‘Work-integrated learning is incorporated within each field, promoting students to go out into the working industry and acquiring the skills necessary from other industry professionals. These work-integrated learning hours can be utilised on a student’s CV, giving them the upper hand when entering the industry after they have completed their studies.’

Adding to this, Paul says every course and module is kept up-to-date with current technology, trends, and requirements of the industry.

And what would students be surprised to find out about Paul?

‘I listen to all genres of music. Everyone has their taste in music, but staying current and relevant with current music trends is both important to develop with the industry’s movement and to educate yourself with different approaches to techniques in different genres.’

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