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Short Courses - Pretoria

In the swift currents of today's world, where education and self-improvement consistently occupy the front seat, short courses stand out as a guiding light for those keen to broaden their knowledge base. These courses present a distinctive combination of practical learning experiences, a departure from the conventional academic environment, and cater to a diverse array of interests including environmental sustainability and social entrepreneurship.

Envision immersing yourself in modern socio-political debates or sharpening your leadership capabilities with 30-60 fellow learners from across the globe. This is the essence of short courses, crafted to bring together varied perspectives and cultivate a profound comprehension of global dynamics. Available both online and in-person, these courses are designed to ignite curiosity and promote active engagement, all within a span of one to five weeks.

What Are Short Courses?

Understanding Short Courses

Throughout my continuous educational journey, I've encountered a variety of learning opportunities, with short courses particularly capturing my attention. At their core, short courses are curated educational experiences aimed at those wishing to acquire new abilities or knowledge without the time investment required for a full degree program. They encompass a wide spectrum of subjects, from career advancement to personal hobbies. Their hallmark is the concentration on particular topics, permitting learners to delve into areas of interest without the long-term commitment typically associated with obtaining a bachelor's or master's degree.

Duration of Short Courses

The adaptability of short courses in terms of duration is one of their most appealing features. These courses are meticulously structured to fit into a hectic lifestyle, lasting from a mere week to several months. This adaptability ensures that education can proceed at a pace that best suits the learner, making learning more accessible and flexible. The aim is to offer an intensive yet brief educational experience, where participants can quickly gain new skills or deepen their knowledge in a specific area. Whether carving out time during a summer holiday or dedicating a few weeks to career enhancement, short courses are designed to accommodate the learner's schedule.

Advantages of Enrolling in Short Courses

In a constantly changing world, maintaining relevance and competitiveness is crucial. Herein lies the allure of short courses. For individuals like myself, short courses have become a favored avenue for acquiring new skills, enhancing career opportunities, and pursuing new interests without the extensive commitment and time associated with degree programs. Let's explore these advantages further.

Acquiring New Skills and Knowledge

In today’s fast-evolving job landscape, the imperative to upskill or reskill is paramount. Short courses provide a focused and efficient pathway for me to stay at the forefront of industry trends. These courses are crafted to impart practical, industry-relevant skills within a condensed timeframe. Whether it’s mastering new software, grasping the fundamentals of project management, or understanding digital marketing tactics, there’s likely a short course designed for my requirements. The targeted nature of these courses means I can immediately apply what I’ve learned in practical settings, rendering the acquired knowledge both pertinent and instantly advantageous.

Boosting Career Prospects

Investing in short courses can significantly elevate my career prospects. By obtaining new certifications and skills, I not only enrich my CV but also demonstrate to potential employers my dedication to ongoing learning and professional growth. This can be a decisive factor in a competitive job market. Moreover, many short courses offer practical experiences and sometimes even placements, which can lead to new employment opportunities. In industries that are continually evolving, being equipped with the latest knowledge and skills can make me an indispensable member of any team or project.

Exploring New Interests

Among the most exhilarating benefits of short courses is the chance they offer to explore new interests in a structured, commitment-free setting. They enable me to sample topics that pique my curiosity without the dedication required for a full degree program. This exploration can reveal previously undiscovered talents or passions, potentially steering me towards a new career direction or fulfilling personal project. From learning a new language to experimenting with creative writing or understanding coding basics, the possibilities are boundless. This exploration not only expands my worldview but also enriches my life both personally and professionally in unexpected ways.

Short Courses in Pretoria at Oakfields College

Digital Marketing

Oakfields College in Pretoria provides a Short Learning Programme in Digital Marketing, tailored to endow students with the critical skills necessary for navigating the digital marketing sphere. This all-encompassing course delves into essential areas such as SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, and digital analytics. It's ideal for those aspiring to embark on a digital marketing career or business owners seeking to boost their online visibility. The course's practical orientation ensures that students can directly apply their newly acquired skills in real-world scenarios, representing a sound investment for anyone aiming to flourish in the digital age.

Events and Wedding Planning

The Short Learning Programme in Events and Wedding Planning at Oakfields College in Pretoria is a boon for budding event planners. This course provides practical training in the planning, coordination, and execution of various events, with a special emphasis on weddings. Covering everything from budget management to selecting vendors, students acquire a thorough understanding that prepares them for a flourishing career in event and wedding planning. Through this course, I've grasped the critical importance of meticulous attention to detail and creativity, essential skills in this dynamic industry.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design at Oakfields College in Pretoria transcends a mere course; it's a deep dive into the realm of visual communication. The Short Learning Programme in Graphic Design pushes students to unleash their creativity and apply their skills in typography, layout design, and branding. Armed with knowledge of industry-standard software, graduates are primed to produce compelling visuals for any medium. This course has refined my design sensibilities and underscored the importance of conveying messages through impactful visuals.

Introduction to Acting

For enthusiasts of the performing arts, Oakfields College in Pretoria offers an Introduction to Acting course that lays a solid groundwork in acting techniques, character development, and performance skills. I've learned to channel my emotions authentically on stage, enhancing the impact of each performance. This course serves as a portal to the vibrant theatre and film scene, transforming aspiring actors into confident performers eager to take the spotlight.


The Short Learning Programme in Photography at Oakfields College has unveiled the artistry of capturing moments. Spanning from basic camera operations to advanced composition techniques, this course equips students to excel across various photography genres. Its hands-on approach ensures learners can confidently harness their skills in practical settings, transforming their passion for photography into a professional craft. It's been a transformative journey that elevates photography from a mere hobby to a celebrated art form.

Radio and TV Presenting

Oakfields College's Radio and TV Presenting course in Pretoria is tailor-made for those destined for the broadcasting limelight. It covers audience engagement, scriptwriting, and voice modulation, preparing students for success in both radio and television. Practical training sessions have bolstered my confidence, both behind the microphone and in front of the camera, readying me for a vibrant career in media.


The Short Learning Programme in Sewing at Oakfields College caters to both novices and those looking to hone their sewing prowess. It encompasses various sewing techniques, garment construction, and pattern-making. This course is indispensable for anyone aiming to make their mark in the fashion industry or simply passionate about crafting bespoke apparel. I've now gained the confidence to undertake any sewing project, transforming creative concepts into tangible fashion pieces.

Sound Recording

The Short Learning Programme in Sound Recording at Oakfields College offers an in-depth exploration of audio production for music aficionados and budding sound engineers. From recording techniques to mixing, mastering, and navigating professional audio software, the course's practical elements have enriched my understanding of sound quality, equipping me with the competencies to produce polished, professional audio for any project.

Special Effects and Make-up

The Certificate in Special Effects and Make-up at Oakfields College takes students on an enthralling journey into the cinematic and theatrical makeup world. Learners master the creation of realistic special effects, prosthetics, and character makeup designs. This course has broadened my creative palette, empowering me to bring any character to life with expertly crafted makeup, ranging from subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations.

Video Production

The Short Learning Programme in Video Production at Oakfields College is your entryway to the dynamic realms of filmmaking and content creation. Addressing scriptwriting, shooting, and editing, this course lays a comprehensive foundation for aspiring videographers and directors. The hands-on experience has equipped me with the narrative skills to craft compelling visual stories, paving the way for a successful career in video production.


Venturing into the world of short courses at Oakfields College in Pretoria has opened up avenues of growth and exploration I hadn't imagined possible. It's more than just accruing certificates; it's about embarking on a journey of personal and professional development. My career has advanced in leaps and bounds, fueled by a rekindled passion for learning. The convenience and effectiveness of these courses mean I can continue to expand my horizons without the constraints of traditional educational pathways. For anyone looking to enhance their skills, propel their career forward, or delve into new interests, short courses represent an invaluable opportunity. They have revolutionized my approach to education and career advancement, demonstrating that often, the most efficient route between two points is indeed the road less traveled.

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