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January 6, 2016

It’s all about the beat

If creating music is your passion and your purpose, studying sound engineering will help you make it your career too. Also known as an audio engineer, manipulating sound with creative technology is an art form that can be honed to a fine skill with a sound audio engineering course.

How do I know if it’s the right career for me?

Sound engineers are responsible for the technical aspects of creating music that showcases the talent of the performing artist. As recording, mixing and mastering are all part of the job description, you’ll need a tendency towards the technical as well as a love for music. 

If you want to dive deep, your best bet is the full-time, two-year Sound Engineering course. With extremely experienced instructors on-hand and access to the latest multi-platform technology such as Cubase and ProTools, at our on-campus recording studio, by the end of the course you’ll be fully equipped for a career in sound engineering. 

If you prefer to study part-time, choose from our 12-week course in Sound Recording. This course will give you the skills to deliver efficient sound engineering skills and your electronic portfolio will include a full band recording. 

What can I do with a sound engineering qualification?

Job opportunities for sound engineers are varied, from local SA bands to work in recording studios helping to create different types of sound effects for entertainment as diverse as music, TV series and video games. Sound engineers are also essential crew members at live events of all kinds – concerts, seminars and nightclubs. Without them, the show literally could not go on. With some experience, you could also eventually become a producer in any of these fields. 

Once I complete my studies, then what?

During your sound engineering course, you’ll create an electronic portfolio that will help you open doors into the industry. Your next step is to get some experience working in a real live recording studio. From there, you can follow where your heart leads to create the kind of music you want to leave as your legacy

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